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Beer – #40 – Townshend Sutton Hoo

Tonight I enter the naughty forties with a “Townshend Sutton Hoo

This is Brewed by the Townshend Brewery in the style of an English Pale Ale, and it’s from Upper Moutere, New Zealand

Upper Moutere, I don’t even know where that is!

Its very hoppy on the aroma, sharp. This surprised me as it’s very dark brown as a  beer, I’m not sure why I was surprised, I think I was thrown (as I often am) by the pale bit of pale ale).

To the taste, I found this Tart / Bitter on the first – which is much as you’d expect and I didn’t get a lot else other then a malty taste. It’s not unpleasant.

It’s a 4.7% ABV beer in a pint bottle. So it’s not one that’ll rock your socks off.

A good solid beer this, and congratulations to the brewery for getting it spot on. Feeling pretty pleased with myself that I have made a good choice.

As an aside I might have to have lessons in beer as I can’t seem to get one to get a head on, and this doesn’t have a lacing either. I must be doing something wrong, other than enjoying it.

Arbitrarily then 7 from 10 arbitrary numbers on the arbitrary pdubyah-o-meter. It’s ok it’s not something that’ll make me buy a lot more, but I wouldn’t be adverse to ordering this out in a pub.


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