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Beer – #41 – Raindogs Brewing Company – Apothecary Amber Ale

So then Apothecary Amber Ale (Raindogs Brewing Co), Well it’s an Amber Ale, and it’s from Christchurch and it’s in a fine 500ml bottle of 5.9% ABV-ness

Bit of a new boy there isn’t a lot of on he interwebtubes about this beer.

Raindogs Brewing Co was born from the aftermath of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, and this is the first beer I believe from brewer Sean Harris. It is by that measure something special.

A magnificent shade  of Amber it is, and it hold a head well, which I’m secretly giving a fist-pump about, since I’ve had not a lock of luck lately on beers with heads. It looks great to be honest, a right proper beer colour.

There was an aroma of bitterness at first, it’s gone now, I might have imagined it.

I thought this was a bit thin, didn’t carry a taste and was over carbonated. The taste finished to bitter and I don’t get a lot of anything much by way of a taste that sit’s up and says oi! I don’t get it, or what it is, apart from a pretty coloured beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter of late has been at a high bar and this fails to make the grade, and I’d be arbitrarily marking it at 6 from 10. It’s not that it’s a bad beer, it would be great if I was in the pub in front of a fire with some friends, it’s innocuous, not intrusive and quietly gets on with what it is. If I’m ever in Christchurch I’d look this up for a night out.

Liquorland on Forest Hill Road continues to amaze me with it’s beer fridge, thanks chaps.


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