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The Drama of Home Theatre….


I also learnt today that Home Theatre is something I no longer grasp. Although I’ve yet to be convinced that a $20 HDMI cable is worse than a $90 cable I’ve learnt that the number of cable variants and where they go present a challenge to my old man mind.  The emphasis should be on Theatre, or perhaps they could rename it Minor Drama.


LaserDisk Recorder

LaserDisk Recorder (Photo credit: Joachim S. Müller)


I miss the ikea style of how to do things, and to be presented not only an A, B or C choice but also an a,b or c choice did nothing but confuse me.


That and the unhelpful owners manual, which appeared to be thrown together in the style of one of those chose you own adventure books, if you chose option A got to page 48, if you chose option B got to page 63, where it tells you to refer to page 38.


It’s not hard, mostly it’s just pass-though wiring, plug in an input get an output, but 3 hours and I gave up on the accessory that was just designed to torment.


However the old Betamax collection gets a new lease of life, and I might crack out the Philips Videodisc player , as reward for my endeavours.



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