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Beer – #44 – Black Sheep Ale



The Black Sheep Brewery is based in Masham, North Yorkshire, and it’s a Bitter. By ‘ek as like.

I’ve found myself abandoned by friends to a night at home, a Friday, can you believe it! But that’s okay because I was looking forward to this, and as a starter for whatever comes next this might work a treat.

In a 500ml bottle (Pint as near as not) of 4.4% ABV beer, Black Sheep Bitter smells yeasty like, is well carbonated, but again headless, I might make a career out of headless beer, but tastes a charm.

It’s decently fizzy and is bitter enough to taste, to linger but not to hang around like an unwanted guest. But like an unwanted guest it then doesn’t bring much else to the game.

I’m not mad about this, but I’m not mad that I brought it. Inoffensive, and enough of a companion to keep you in chat at a pub if it was this or something more commercial. at 4.4% it’s brewed then as a session beer, it’s not a special or a champion.

Arbitrarily then I’d be thinking 6 from 10 for this on the equally as arbitrary pdubuyah-o-meter. I don’t think I’d get this in if friends were coming round. It’s nice and coppery, looks like it could be better than it is, but ultimately it’s not that and a bag of crisps.

He said.



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