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The Fleece Machine – Spiritual medium to meet with Pike River families – wait there’s more !

I only want to help: Psychic to sceptics

Says the headline today.

A celebrity psychic who wants to get in touch with earthquake and Pike River coalmine victims from beyond the grave says she only wants to help families heal, despite criticism by sceptics.

Australian Sensing Murder psychic Deb Webber will hold a free “private reading” on Monday for families of those killed in the February 2011 quake and another for Pike River mine disaster families in Greymouth next month.

She will also hold a free public meditation session and a sold-out public show that seats 150 and costs $70 a head in Christchurch tomorrow.

Webber said those who considered her work a money-making venture should “look at my bank account”. “I’m actually skint,” she said.

The tour of fleecing the gullible is called “a “Hope and Heal” New Zealand tour,  and Deb Webber said she “can’t understand” the criticism.

Like she didn’t see it coming.

And then …………

Psychics’ killer lead hits a wall

Friends of Deb, Sue Nicolson and Kelvin Cruickshank made some guesses on a TV program “Sensing Murder”, and they came up with…..

The psychics both concluded Mrs Calvert was murdered, but her husband was not responsible.

They gave a detailed description of the alleged culprit, who still lived in the Waikawau area, stating what he did for a living and the vehicle he drove.

Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward, of the New Plymouth CIB, said a significant amount of work had been done on the case over the past two to three years.

“A number of further inquiries were made but as a result of those there was nothing further gained that would add evidential weight to the inquiry,” Mr Coward said.

Or as we say in the real world…… nothing.

Why would a spirit lie? What advantage would a spirit gain from telling you something that was untrue?

The people that can talk to dead people will tell you that they don’t understand the messages and that there may be many interpretations of the messages they receive.

This “gift” they have is one they have to monetize, by fleecing the gullible. If they had a “gift” why  would they not monetize it in other ways, by discovering things, shrewd investments, invention of things, or perhaps by undertaking a JREF challenge to prove their ability and claiming the million dollars.

I’ve said before I’ve been to a psychic show, with Kelvin Cruickshank, it was entertaining and weird, I got nothing from it, clearly the spirits of my ancestors are all in the UK and NZ is a bit far to travel.

I’m prepared to be proven wrong, there is plenty of me on the interweb and you could pretend to know a lot about me, but there are things that you can’t know, and if you want to have a crack and make a guess I’d be delighted to hear from you. But you knew that didn’t you?


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