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Beer – #64 – Invercargill Sa!son

An Invercargill Sa!son, that is all.

Delightfully presented in a 330ml  bottle of a 6% ABV beer, and I mean nice, this is really nicely packaged in with a wrap-over seal, gift-worthy!

Saison is French for Season. Originally this style was made at the end of winter, heavily hopped to preserve it through the summer months so it could be doled out to farm workers at the autumn harvest.

The Invercargill Brewery interpretation has been laid up for three months to allow the flavours to mature and soften.

They say…  and so the aroma really is like a summer ale, hazy golden and with a nice head., and it backs all that up by being  creamy smooth, but with a hint of hops and  quite a bit of grass, I like it, I think, I like it better than the Boysenberry Stout. How could you not?

It’s quite interesting on the tongue and has a subtle set of things going on. There is tangerine/Mandarin as a flavour in this, a smile appears on the dial 🙂 If this was a beer that you get at the end of a days work then I’d be a happy worker, except that it’s just a bit meh

It ticks a lot of the boxes though, of enjoyment, taste, adventure, fun and just being good, but it might not be a beer for the whole evening. If you were having a beer adventure night then this would be as a beer on that journey, and it would fill a precious space and entertain a lot of conversation, and it would carry a stronger beer to follow.  In and of itself a strong, well balanced, and just nice beer. Could I go another though? Not really. I peaked early with this.

The arbitrary pdubyah-o-meter is an easy 7 on this. There is no effort in the drinking, but I think that there wouldn’t be a urge to have a second or third, not for any good reason, except that it  might be a bit under-stated, a bit quite about it’s work. I don’t doubt that sitting in the late afternoon sun that this would be a bang-on-treat of a drink, and it’s a quantum leap better than the fruit stout, in many ways.


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