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New police search and surveillance law in force – it says …..

User big brother 1984

User big brother 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New police search and surveillance law in force via New police search and surveillance law in force – Politics – NZ Herald News.Which got me a thinking about the ways that I’m already findeable if you want to. Some are more obvious than others.

I think I gave up the pretence of privacy ages ago in the internet age. No I’m not claiming I can do a half, or indeed, an any of this, but if I was being sought for something, illegal or potentially illegal, then there are plenty of places to start looking.So in no particular order;

  • From my banking account they know how much I get paid, they know the size of my mortgage, and the regular bills I have.
  • If there are insurance payments then they’d know my driving safety records, or my claim history of things that I might have lost, broken or had stolen.
  • From my bank account they know when I buy petrol, and where, and they’d be able to work out how far I travel each week.
  • My tax return might have charitable donation deductions, they know how I support.
  • From my bank account they know when I buy things from the supermarket and when. They can get copies of the till receipts and see what I brought. I even remember one case where the police had a pair of shoes that they knew were sold by a particular outlet, and they saw that suspect X had made that purchase on his bank account, and then they got the video footage of him making the transaction. I guess an electronic transaction wasn’t quite enough.
  • They know how much electricity and water I’m using.
  • My ISP probably knows where I surf to and what I’m downloading, hey the RAINZ claim to know that too!
  • My credit card details will have all sorts of things on them.
  • My skytv account could probably tell them what I watch and what I set to record and watch later.
  • My phone can be tracked from cell-site to cell-site. They can probably recover my txt messages, after all they’re an electronic record.
  • The motorway cameras can track me the length of the motorway, and other places, if they want to.
  • My parking tickets will tell them where I parked, or if I used txt to park, or even my credit card, well that just gives it away even more.
  • Spotify can tell them what I’ve listened to. My Itunes account will tell them what I brought, and what apps I use.
  • FourSquare can tell them where I visited, how often, and at what time, and possibly who with.
  • Facebook has location tagging and check-in features that I’ve used.
  • My medical records will detail which medication I have, or have had, and which procedures I’ve had undertaken in hospitals.
  • They can find out from my Social media what I like and don’t like, what things I’ve been watching and who I’ve been in conversation with.
  • My passport records will show when I travelled overseas, the Airlines will have records too, just in case it was an internal flight, perhaps, but then you booked that on your credit card, they know these things.
  • I don’t know they can listen to specific conversations on my phone without an intercept on it. and of course I could have paid cash for a phone and pre-paid card, I could indeed pay cash for a lot of things.
  • The Census return has a wealth of information about me.
  • You can lookup a whois to find some details about this blog, that scared me a bit!

I may have missed a few things,  I don’t think I overstated the things I did list though. Might go and un-scubsrcribe from a few things, and move, and change my name, and get everything in cash, get paid in cash indeed, now there’s a challenge for the payroll people!

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