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Beer – #73 – De Molen – Bed and Breakfast

For the second act I present De Molen Bed & Breakfast,  This is a beer you have to enjoy within 2 years, says the label.  In a panic I realise that this is brewed in the style of a  Spice / Herb / Vegetable beer,  by Brouwerij de Molen in Bodegraven, Netherlands. The one I have was bottled on the 23rd August this year, it’s still in the cot! I’m not waiting 2 years to enjoy this, sorry.

And for real – a vegetable beer!. I feel like I’m plumbing new depths. The label indicates a coffee expectation. A 330ml bottle of a 4.4% ABV beer, which is about standard. I’m a bit scared about opening this based on the last beer I had, the Heen and Weer.

This one is so excitable in the bottle even before I pour it it’s trying to escape, all over the place, and then there is coffee in abundance.

Pale yellow with a frivolous head, I’m still smarting from being caught out by the aroma, which really is all of coffee. This must be by design, the aroma not the catching me out.

Surprise! the taste is of coffee. Fizzy cold coffee, and a bit of chocolate. I’m intrigued by this because it’s strangely odd and alluring.  There is an hoppiness underlying the taste, you can tell it’s there.

A confusing state of affairs to arbitrarily make this an arbitrary score on the pdubyah-o-meter and I get a 6. But only because coffee aside this is a bit thin, and if you’re going to be a leader you need to deliver on more than one thing, I think. If they could get a little more out of this it’d be a something, that might be cranking up the alcohol to make this a finisher beer, but at it’s current strength it sits as a curiosity.


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