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Beer- #75 – Three Boys Porter

Ok, time to claim back the night…. Three Boys Porter  which is brewed by the Three Boys Brewery, after the style of a Porter, and they’re in  Christchurch, New Zealand holla!

“Such was the popularity of porter in old England that legend has it townsfolk drowned when vats at a local brewery burst, flooding the streets. The Three Boys recreate this legendary beer, balancing toasted malts to give a rich, complex flavour. Fuggles hops maintain tradition while select New Zealand hops add spiciness that carries this beer into the new world” it says……

So… a 500ml of 5.3% ABV Porter, delivered in the magnificent way that 3 boys is, all the same, all different. Love it.

Straight up then  the aroma is roasty toasty…  Pours like a champion, head and all, dark and inviting, get in! It really is generous with a deep maltiness on the nose, I’m scared to drink it lest I be let down again.

Oh no, wait,  that’s quite nice. Ir’s chocolate, nutty, a bit deep, a bit shallow, like a white knight to the rescue on an otherwise average night in. There’s a lot of things all doing their thing with this. The problem now is that I’m drinking this as a beer to drink not actually thinking about what I’m tasting. I’d like to linger over why it’s making a tap dance on the tongue. This is, at the end of a long day, a bit of the good thing. Not love, but a deep affection.

You know the worse thing? I only brought the one.  The pdubyah-o-meter loves this at 9 from 10. That’s a big number based on the last few beers that I had, and I think today, now, this beer, it’s deserving.

I following a friend around the beer tastes, I feel like it’s a competition and I have a deep respect for Dan,  he knows who he is, and I think he likes a Porter. Well I can’t recall a better porter,  but then I’m a beginner, and if this is the bar then there is a big treat somewhere ahead. Start here and follow the yellow brick road…. or the three boys…  charge………

and yes I remembered that there was a Mocha Porter, this is all that and the glitter.


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