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The one with the updated Resume / CV thing

I’ve been reviewing my resume / CV thing.

I’ve been with the same company since 1999, so that’d be 13 years and a half.

In that time I’ve had at least 4 different definable positions, and a few other side projects.

It’s been a goodly amount of learning, adventure, experience and enjoyment.

But it behoves me to update the information and make sure that my CV is as presentable s possible, because you never know.

Depending on who you talk to there are a number of “best practice” things that you “have” to have.

So I had to sit, think and then make the words make sense. I don’t think I’m a fantastic wordsmith, or even an average one, but these are things that might daunt the average person

The best practice things that should be included are;

  • A Career “Objective”
  • My key “Attributes”
  • A “Personal Statement”

Then list the things that I’d done with the highlights of the wins that were important

Then I had to think of some referee’s
Then if I was involved in some things, like coaching or community – apparently to make me human

It’s all very difficult

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