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Beer – #88 – Wigram Brewing Co. – Ginger Jerry

The Wigram Ginger Jerry bottle of 330ml sized 4% ABV beer, the quiet end of a night out.

Brewed by Wigram Brewing Company, in the style of a Belgian White (Witbier), and of course they’re in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Another addition to the Wigram seasonal range, Ginger Jerry has the full body of a wheat beer with the extra zing of infused ginger, honey and lemon resulting in a naturally sweet lemon ginger spice aroma. Cloudy in appearance the beer radiates with a warm rich orange hue. Brewed with a Belgium Ale yeast and low in alcohol, Ginger Jerry is a refreshing beer for all seasons.

For no reason other than I saw it this is a “best before September 13” beer. Not even sure why that bothers me, or even if it does since I had “keeper” beers that I drank that were 5 months old. It is what it is.

Lets be upfont with what I expect, the citrus (read lemon) and ginger that the label promises, and that’s about all. So…….

It has ginger whiff , it has a well goodly amount of carbonation, and I get a cut grass aroma. The head which starts off all excitable like a puppy dies away fairly easily, I really do have to find a middling point with this aspect of beers.

The Palate is of a harsh bitter ginger that leaps and barks at you, like an excitable puppy, it’s very long on the palate, very long and almost troubling. Peppery and tanging on the tongue. There is a lemon back taste, but it’s like washing up liquid. What’s going on ?

Gak. This is almost like drinking washing up liquid, it’s not  really hitting any mark at all, and confuses to deceive as a beer. Not sure what the goal was but this might be an own goal of massive proportion.

This isn’t even a sweet ginger ginger beer, this is the worst of the bitter, and a mufddled taste, what I get is all grass, it’s fairly unpleasant. Lucky it’s 330ml and not something substantial.

The pdubyah-o-meter resists strongly but lurches to a really weak 3 things from it’s equally arbitrary number.  This should take a bus trip to Geradine and join the “muster” that I had a couple of beersago, and they should elope to and hide as recluses never to be seen again. Ghastly.

A poor finish to a night, and would have been a tragic start to a night, the chaps at Wigram need to sit in the sun more and listen the the inner voice, because whatever caused this wasn’t contemplation and thought.



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