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Beer – #92 – Dale’s – American Amber Ale

Dale’s –  American Amber Ale by  Dale’s Brewing Co. Brewed at West Coast Brewing in the Style of an Amber Ale, and we’re back on local soil sort of in Nelson, New Zealand. Oh and it’s unpasturised, so not to be kept in the light.

Brewed using a range of European malts, a trio of American hops and an American Ale yeast, this beer combines smooth caramel and toasty notes with suggestions of ripe stonefruit and aromatic pine resins. It finishes with a brisk and appetising bitterness.

So that’s a bit different to the last beer in no way at all.

Deeply hoppy, sweetly malty aroma and a deep brown pour from the 500ml bottle of  5.4% ABV beer.

It’s nicely bitter too, just about the right amount that offsets the sweet malt. It’s good.  This would be a fine session beer, a beer to stock in the fridge and to sit with and tell lies to mates with. There’s nothing offensive or challenging with this, the hops stay as the hops, they don’t get excitable and as it warms it does not get more bitter, if anything the malt pushes through to seduce you.

If you want a NZ beer that is a lot like a good English Beer, even though this is the American Amber style this is a pretty good choice. It’s a lot sweeter than an English ale, and that might be a local preference.

The pdubyah-o-meter says an easy 8. Well played Dayle and your brewery. An easy to drink beer that make me smile. It’s a good beer, but it’s not spectacular spectacular, solid enough and quaffed with much relish, which is a pity because there was only the one, bugger!

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