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Robbie Williams – ‘Take the Crown’ takes the cake

Tragically today for my exercise companion  I listened to the latest Robbie Williams CD –  Take the Crown.

Take the biscuit more like.

It’s a set of 3 -6 word “chants” with a background of “anthem” style 80’s pop synthesiser music, all with the aim of giving gravitas to lyrics from the secret diary of a pre-pubescent teen.

This really feels like this is music that you do to  fill in time in a contract that demands a new album ever year , or something. there is no heart soul or reason for this, it’s floundering nonsense.

Even the worst of albums has a redeeming lyric, or track, or melody that casts light on an otherwise gloomy thing. I failed to find it on this.

That said I’m not really the target audience. But that just adds weight to the idea that this is about the money, it isn’t about craft, or skill, it isn’t about life experience, or a journey through a linked story, it’s a series of 3 minute sound-bites that should appeal to the x-factor-got talent audience who appreciate a poor song to overly wrought backing track sung in the chanty pop style.

So awful I had to share it with you.



6 comments on “Robbie Williams – ‘Take the Crown’ takes the cake

  1. bbrodricalde
    November 14, 2012

    Ok, I’m really sorry. I know that every person is different and can have a different music taste. I think that if I’m writing a review is not so important if you love more an artist or another, but how you put yourself into writing the review. Last week for example, I wrote about the Muse album that I don’t like so much, but I tryied to do my best. This week I wrote about Robbie Williams my fave idol. My reviews are pretty simple and I’m trying to anaylize the whole concept of the album. I don’t want to criticize, because I know how is difficult to do make an album. I’m indie pop artist and read what you wrote is really bad, trust me. In this moment I don’t regret my music studies and how many music I discovered, how much time I passed to build my music library and all the efforts to go to study to L.A. in the Schoenberg Music. I don’t want to say go to study man, because I don’t know you in real. If you were my friend, probably I was trying to convince you to do something to increase your music knowledge. I’m so sorry to see something bad like this and to tell you in this way, but I can’t deny what my heart is feeling for the man that for years saved my life through his music. The saddest thing that you won’t become a RW friendly, because you don’t want to be.


  2. Pdubyah
    November 14, 2012

    If your starting position with RW is that you’re a big fan, than no matter how bad this album is you’ll find it adorable. It isn’t a patch on his early albums, it’s candy for the ears is all.

    I don’t have to study or produce music to be a critic, after all I’m the buying audience. I’ve read countless books and listened to countless thousands of songs to know good lyrics and musical craft. This wasn’t good.

    Sorry too if you think I’m not a fan, but I brought this CD because it was RW not because of any review.

    As to emotional connection, good for you, some songs resonate for different reasons, but it’s no reason to put blinkers on and accept the mediocre.


    • bbrodricalde
      November 14, 2012

      I read lots of reviews about him and I didn’t answered to them because they were mediocre, but they were acceptable. I’m sorry to say that yours isn’t.
      My love for him started long ago, but only when I had the chance to meet him, I discovered how precious he is and how the whole process of making an album is intense.
      Anyway I hope you don’t critic other albums online, because you won’t receive good ad if you descriminate music in this way.
      Also because your review descriminates mine that every week I want to do one and all the process to discover and realize. I don’t think it’s fine for the people who wants to do as job in the future.
      If you want to be funny, fine. Please go to a bar, drink one of your fave beer and chat with someone over there, but not here on the same platform.
      Or maybe you wrote it after, you drank a lot of them, ok maybe now I can understand. I’m not joking. I feel shame for you…


      • Pdubyah
        November 14, 2012

        I admire your passion, but you are blinded by what you think is your connection to RW.

        I added the link to your blog for balance, as I did with the other review link for the album.

        I’m being fair, you’re not.


      • bbrodricalde
        November 14, 2012

        Go to a concert and we can speak after. Only after.


      • Pdubyah
        November 14, 2012

        I shall let that pass as petulance.


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