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Beer – #96 – Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

Dead Guy Ale, Brewed by Rogue Ales in the style of a  Heller Bock, and they do that in  Newport, Oregon USA.

The Heller Bock is primarily a malty beer from the German brewing tradition with little hop character – neither bitter nor aromatic – though the style typically has a little more hops than the standard Bock. The color is golden to light brown or amber. They should normally pour with a substantial white head. All examples are pale and clear.

This is 6.5% ABV 650ml bottle of beer, which I approach with great  anticipation.

It’s all new to me !, so… a fantastic orange golden beer, decent head and a nicely sweet aroma. And it’s the same sweet and a lovely hoppy beer. That’s a bit good.

This is a beer I could be friends with, if you want to cut to a chase. The pdubyah-o-meter thinks this an 8.5 beer from it’s wildly arbitrary scale of things, which makes this a beer to recommend.

Particularly at the end of a day of things this is still a beer where you can explore the hops and not get alarmed by what’s being given back, it’s a beer that offers instant comfort and companionship. There is a sourness that you’d kind of expect as the backwash from the hops, and this does finish on the palate, it might not appeal to everyone, but it’s consistent and just, for me, adds to be whole thing, It’s the pants.!

Dear Rogue, please make me your Ambassador for beers, I’d be really good and that, and happy, please. 


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