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Beer – #97 – Mike’s – Organic Vanilla Coffee Porter

Brewed by Mike’s Organic Brewery  in the style of an  Imperial/Strong Porter and that’d be from Taranaki, New Zealand

I laughed …. ” Mike’s taken our robust Imperial Porter infused with single origin certified organic Peruvian coffee beans, the result is stunning. Is it beer? Is it coffee? You be the judge. Enjoy with good company, probably not for breakfast though… Then again, maybe?” 

Headphones c/o XFactor and my desire not to listen to ceecee cry or whatever that is that passes for music.

That’s a dark thick beer of a good mocha coloured head,  not a lot of lacing though, an 8% ABV of a 650ml bottle, there is coffee for Afwica in this,,, and a bit ..  and the taste is like a blanket of coffee and  Vanilla and there is chocolate and just nice. A lot of nice. I stopped Laughing and I paid attention a lot of attention.

I’m not sure if I just being a wuss, but this is a special thing.  As a side note I was listening to “The XX – Coexist” at the time, it’s a nice thing. Both of the thing. The all.

So separating those things the music and the beer, and glancing at the pdubyah-o-meter I see a cheeky 9, the heck! This is Dynamite. Make that a 9.4, this is a beer that I would give your money back if you brought it and failed to enjoy as a Coffee Porter, or a Vanilla Coffee Porter.  Get in!

Today, Thanksgiving day, not a Turkey shoot, and I’m almost weeping with a joy unbounded.  Not only because I’ve never met Mike and is Organicmatron, but because this is a mighty mighty glass of beer. Joy unbounded. For real.



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