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Beer – #104 – Wanaka Beerworks – Zar

Wanaka Beerworks Zar –Brewed by Wanaka Beerworks in the Style of an Imperial Stout, and they’re doing this trick in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Trick, well yes, Russian Imperial Stout meets Belgian Trappist Monk. Shutup!

Wanaka Beerworks ZARA dark hoppy beer that is balanced by a strong hop flavor, this is a beer you enjoy in front of an open fire with friends. A beer created by the English for a Russian tsar adjusted by a Belgian Kiwi team. Wort filtered to 16 plato, either 30 or  65 IBU bitter hopping (depending where you read) and it’s bottled conditioned.

This then a 330ml of a 10%ABV beer, which is about 2.6 units. Nothing by way of head but an interesting aroma mix greets you, Chocolate or cocoa powder, and a spice that’s quite peppery and took me a bit by surprise. It’s deep dark black too.

The taste does not disappoint, a lovely rich set of flavours, with length and depth, and just the right amount of carbonation. I could wax eloquent about this for a while.  This is a little bit of magic in a bottle.

There is no alcohol tinge or backwash, and each mouthful is a pleasing and pleasant experience, a man could easily get carried away with just how nice this is. The character of the taste is very complex, and not in that challenging way there are a bunch of things working together.

The pdubyah-o-meter effortlessly gives this an all but full house 9.4 and only because I wish it had a head. As a Imperial Stout in the Belgium Trappist style this is in a field of it’s own. Of the beers that I’ve drunk this is in the leading pack and holds it own merits.



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