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Beer – #106 – Coronado – Frog’s Breath IPA

Coronado Frog’s Breath IPA – brewed at the Coronado Brewing Company
in the style of an India Pale Ale (IPA) and of course Coronado, is in  California ‘Merica.

Coronado Brewing- Frog's BreathA classic west coast IPA brewed with a blend of citrus peel. Lime, orange and lemon peels were added at the end of the boil to make this IPA extra refreshing.

A Pint of 6.5% ABV beer (that’s about 3.3 units equivalent.

And to be honest I’m a little bit middling on what to expect. An IPA with Spices sounds like to could work, or it could be a Frankenstein monster. But it is one of their “Crown Series” so I’m hoping that it’s more top-shelf than bargain basement.

There is a very sharp hoppy aroma, but very earthy, pale golden yellow, decent head, and lively carbonation. It’s not a bad start.

The aroma continues with citrus, almost grapefruit, the tongue gets a bursts of sharp hops, a bunch of fizz, and an annoying afterglow. Not a lot of length or depth though.The citrus top taste is almost irritating. If there is a malt content it’s hiding it well.

I guess that where I’m at is that I’m not a fan of this, and I don’t know that you could be, it’s not a very good IPA and adding spices might just be that they’re aware of this and are covering up, the conspiracy continues by giving this “Crown” status.

The pdubyah-o-meter says “no” and plonks this in the also ran category of 7 things on it arbitrary scale, making it a beer that’s a “pass” but not a merit or distinction. I wouldn’t send it back at a bar, but I’d be reluctant to go again.

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