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Beer – #107 – Stoke Bomber – Kiwi Pale Ale

McCashin Family Original Stoke Bomber Kiwi Pale Ale 🙂 brewed by the  McCashin Family Brewery in the Style of an  Amber Ale in sunny sunny Nelson, New Zealand.

Kiwi Pale Ale - Stoke Bomber“Our Stoke Bomber IPA is a daring formulation designed to excite the palate. First comes the aroma of biscuits and stone fruit, followed by flavours of caramel and marmalade blending with spice and hints of pepper. The zesty, lingering finish of this light bodied beer is a celebration of Wai-iti hops, only grown in New Zealand of course.”

This is a5.5% ABV beer in a 650ml bottle, and this one is a little special as it’s a gift of love from my daughter who one night needed a roadside rescue from her dad.

That’ a yeasty bread aroma, but it’s also a bit malty too.  Muddy English brown beer, with a head that tried to last more than a glance. Gosh though that’s a bit weird on the tongue. Cunning weird, frown type weird. The aroma nose and the intriguing taste is quite a combination.

(and a burp), and I’m thinking that there was a peach in there. Together this is quote an impressive sum of parts. Young MissPdubyah did well with this, I don’t know that I’d have ever got to it on the way things are going, but it’s a lovely thing to receive, enjoy and contemplate on.

And a beer that you can think about and mull over is a good thing, sadly it’s not a quaffing beer, that nirvana where you are surprised, impressed and enthralled by the taste sensation that you’ve drunk it all and wondered “the heck”.

Whilst the pdubuyah-o-meter things this is a middling 7 things in the arbitrary nature of things, making it a C- level beer that “could try harder” it does what it says on the label, there isn’t a pretence in the description that you agree with because you don’t get it, but because it is what i is.

This is one of those beers that you’d be a bit disappointed to miss out on the last bottle of, but possibly not one that would be your first choice.


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