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There is this athletic me inside this hulking body that would like to get out. I’ve goaded myself by buying some trick gear that fascinates me, starting with the Nike+ GSP Sportswatch. It’s essentially a GPS receiver device that tracks where you go. Tells you how far you been, how long it took, how fast you went and guesses some calorie usage.  You can also link it to a Nike Sensor thingy that either slips in your Nike+ Shoes or you can attach it with a little pouch thingy to your laces, Like a flash pedometer. Watch was on sale, Shoes c/- a generous employer who gives us a ‘push/play’ allowance yearly.


Nike+ GPS SportsWatch

December 26th

December 26

December 27th

December 27

December 28th

December 28

December 29th

December 29

January 4th

Jan 4th


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