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Beer – #112 – Rogue – Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA which is Brewed by  Rogue Ales in the style of an India Pale Ale (IPA) and they do that in of all places NewportOregon USA

6Rogue Yellow Snow IPA.2% ABV (3.2 standard drinks) in a 650ml Bottle – and it’s (according to the label) Beeston Stout, Chariot Pils, Melanoidin, & Cara Foam Malts, Amarillo Hops. 15.5º PLATO, has a rating of 70 IBU, 76 AA, 14.2ºL.


I like the Rogue Ales, and I’ve got a hope for this one too. But the name….. so here’s the list : Pale golden in color with a hoppy fruity aroma. Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppyness mid-pallet. Finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness. Which is a bit of nothing. 70 IBU’s should give it a nice bittery taste, there’s not a lot of other hints “fruity” isn’t much is it?

And yes, it’s the colour of yellow snow, hazy almost cloudy rimu tone golden and has a good two inches of powder top. Hoppy Aroma too.

It’s mildly bitter too,  but there is an uncharicateristic  harsh note, blunt almost. Not like a grass note this is a bit more base, noticeable, almost chemical.

The pdubyah-o-meter flails around and settles at 8 from whatever the scale is, making this average. For me the flavour is just a bit one-dimensional, there’s nothing to offset, enhance or mull over other than the impressively bitter finish. The body isn’t as complex as it could be, a bit thin.

A brilliant name, but not my favourite Rogue beer.




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