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Beer – #113 – Wanaka – Brewski

Honest it’s called Brewski. Brewed by Wanaka Beerworks in the styleof a Bohemian Pilsener and they do that in good old Wanaka, New Zealand, where they have a lake!

BrewskiA 330ml bottle  of 4.8% ABV beer (1.3 standard drinks), and according to the label good to go until December 2013. Crisp. Expect the  floral hop aroma with a rich malty sweetness that is beautifully balanced by its spicy hop bitterness, it says .

Brewski is very popular with the truly discerning beer drinker, it’s saaz hop give it a very distinct flavour. Brewski was judged New Zealand’s best beer when it won the supreme award at the NZ international Beer Awards.

I’m a bit scared by the “best beer” label, I would have heard about it before now surely? That’s a big thing right ?

I’m in kind of a bad mood, having been drinking low alcohol beer this afternoon, so I’m expecting then this to pick me up and raise me to a new level of awareness and love .

This is a pale almost translucent beer, no head, bit hoppy on the nose, very low carbonation. This is an incredibly “thin” beer. There is no discernible taste, no length and no depth. It is pretty insipid if you’ve built an expectation up of having something that is the “best” about to explode on your tongue.

I don’t quite know how to voice my disappointment with this, let me make an observation. Based on the description and the pitch as to what this this as a beer, then this is woefully inept and misleading. Compared to a commercial beer though this is pleasant, if not remarkable, workmanlike. The pdubyah-o-meter dismisses this as a 5 on it’s scale of things, making this a poor choice.

There is no redeeming this, I’m not sure age would make it better, it certainly hasn’t improved my mood. I’d avoid this given a choice, it’s not even a beer that you could make up nice things about in polite company, in the unlikely event the brewer is reading this “sharpen up son” is what I’d say.


2 comments on “Beer – #113 – Wanaka – Brewski

  1. Fake riley
    January 8, 2013

    Hi Pdubya. I stumbled on your blog about different beers. I wanted to share with you my favourite beer: Eye of the Hawk by Mendocino Brewing Company. See http://www.mendobrew.com/home.html. I am pretty sure that the beer is only available in the USA, and it’s probably only available in California (where I used to live). But it’s a great beer! If you ever get the chance to taste it, do so 🙂


    • Pdubyah
      January 8, 2013

      I have made an enquiry at the importers of all things beer…. And we’re getting a goodly amount of Californian and generally American beers recently, I live in hope 🙂


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