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Beer – #135 – Lagunitas – Imperial Stout

Tonight then a Lagunitas Imperial Stout, Brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company an that’s in the style of a  Imperial Stout and they do that in of all places PetalumaCalifornia USA

lagunitas Imperial StoutHaving downed his forth Imperial Stout of the day, the wild eyed charlatan from Voldvostogniaky belched and hollered for the Czarina to enter his chamber and bend herself to his will. The economy was a wreck and revolt was just around the corner. Nicky the Czar dude was off playing soldier like any pale nobleman with a hemorrhagic skin condition would. Such were the final days of the old empire. Reactionary, decadent, sputnik, stroganoff, weird, and drunk. But even as the proletariat countryside labored under inhuman conditions and a threat of being sent to a futile war in the east, they wisely took the time to slam back an Imperial Stout or two. After all, life can be a real “suka”, as they say in the old country. Big, black, bourgeois, bolshoy, belligerent, buxom, and scary – this is our version of the chaotic end of an era in a bottle.

a Pint of a 9.9% ABV beer (or 8.8% according to the import label) and that’s about 4.2 or more standard drinks. Spells trouble .

So expectations: Black, Coffee/Chocolate, slight bitter, s little bit of what does you good.

There’s a goodly complex nose on that, chocolate mostly, some smoke, deep dark brown, chocolate head, gorgeous aroma, chocolate and what might be a summer fruit.

oh and that’s lovely and thickly rich and just gorgeous. wow.  Nicely sweet, lots of layers, plenty of length, how much can you enjoy a good thing. Aside from the sweet you get from the chocolate or roasted malts it carries a bitter under-note.

Instantly you know you like this beer. the pdubyah-o-meter says 9, it might just be a little sweet , and also a little too sour to make the final push, but I don’t know that it should. There is more than enough to keep you occupied with this goodness in a glass not to rush through because there is a lot to enjoy with this.

Give it a go, I’m impressed by this, you might be too.


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