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Beer – #117 – Moa – Imperial Stout

The Moa Imperial Stout is something I’ve been thinking about having for a while. Brewed by Moa Brewing CompanyIn the style of a : Imperial Stout
Blenheim, New Zealand.

This is making a second appearance in the list I panned it in review 71  which I re-read after I’d written this.

A 375ml bottle of a 10.2% ABV beer (2.8 standard Drink units) awaits me, and being honest I brought two of them, because I just couldn’t help myself.

Moa Imperial Stout” Moa Imperial Stout Barrel Reserve is a very strong, upfront and rich offering of this famous Moa style. Aged in oak Pinot Noir barrels, this beer not only displays coffee and mocha characters but also some sweet and savory notes unique to Moa Imperial. This award winning Stout is seasonally produced and available for short periods each year ”

It says.

It also says “Moa Imperial Stout is a very strong, bold upfront and rich offering of a famous beer style. Aged in Pinot Noir barrels, this beer not only displays coffee and mocha charters but also some sweet and spicy notes. A tannin like finish and an oak induced mellow bitterness makes it a serious stout. Moa Imperial Stout is best served just below room temperature in a tulip glass

So they’re giving you a fair warning up front about what’s held within, all cork and wire cage enclosed. Very fancy.  I guess if you charge a premium price you get to dress it properly, which is very nicely done. A performance beer.

A sour aroma, dark rich chocolate head, deep dark colouration, and a reasonable carbonation. Quite the smokey first taste and a lovely chocolate tone. Head dies away. The taste moves to fruits and an indication of roasted or burnts. And call me a liar but there is a pinot note in there. It’s not half bad.

Not half bad but not alarmingly good though. Close but no cigar. Actually it’s closer than that, like I said this if fairly nice. If I’d thought it through I would be having some cheese with this, because I think that they’d both be drawn out more.

As it is though there are a few nice things in this that keep you involved, there is a slightly sour note, and a heady overnote of red wines. I could get to like this in moderation.

The pdubyah-o-meter likes this 8.5 things worth on it’s arbitrary and unknowable scale of things.

I’m not a terribly big fan of the range of Moa beers, the St.Jospehs is a head over the others, and this sits besides it as a being a bit good.  I’m glad I brought two, I get to do it all over again.

I was surprised that I marked this a 5 arbitrary things the first time, surprised that I couldn’t remember drinking this in October, but not surprised that I was drinking it with a cheese accompaniment, because it needs it.  I am surprised that I think it’s that much better then when I first had a go at this. And you know what I’m pleased I did, since with age this may have improved, unlike my memory of such things. 


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