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Beer – #151 – Zeelandt – Pale Ale

The second of the two beers– this one the Pale Ale – Brewed by Zeelandt Brewing Co of course in the style of a English Pale Ale and that’s in sunny Napier, New Zealand.

Zeelandt - Pale Ale500ml Bottle – 5% ABV bottle conditioned beer (thats about 1.97 standard drinks). It claims 35 IBU’s which is near the upper end of bitter for a Pale Ale

A classic pale ale that delivers a glass full of hoppy flavour. This bright, copper coloured beer has a malty backbone, wonderfully balanced with citrus hop flavour and a clean, refreshing finish. This pale ale leaves you wanting more.

Copper brown, headless, and an aroma of mainly citrus and malts. If there are hops in this they are the silent types.

There is carbonation though, but it didn’t translate into head. And it’s very light on hops. Very. The mouth is dominated by the carbonation, a sweet note, and a slight finish of bitterness. There’s no lacing either.

Frankly it’s a bit meh. The pdubyah-o-meter says 7 and be happy.

Meh as in nothing outstanding, or rewarding in this, it’s not particularly flavourful, aromatic, or alcohol heavy.  A safe beer from a new brewery.

A report card might say B- Must try harder.



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