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Out and About – Mt.Eden

I was out and about today,  in Mt.Eden, Auckland, specifically to visit a new record shopSouthbound‘ since my last supplier had met an inglorious end. I haven’t brought any new vinyl in a while and although I’ve known about Southbound for a while I hadn’t managed to get there.

Until Today.

And what a store! So much music I was a bit stopped in my tracks, as it were. There was some of everything, and that they were playing “The Clash” as store music made it all very interesting.

I brought me a signed LP  “Delaney Davidson – Bad Luck Man” and the EP  Aquatic Ape Theory -by the Drab Doo Riffs.  It’s clear though that I have to do a bit more research and know what I’m supposed to be looking at. I’m sure I’ll be better prepared next time. Note to self spend more time on http://www.Undertheradar.co.nz

When I mentioned to the  owner that it was generally Vinyl or Beer he suggested that I visit a local establishment that he quite liked that had a range of beers on tap- to take away in your own bottle. Sweet

So next stop was The Hopscotch Beer Company  and another eye opener. 21 beers on tap. To taste and to take away. It’s not flash of fancy but the beer range is awesome and Hugh knows his thing. “If it’s no good it goes” or better but “I only have good things, stayers are not payers”

I brought me some Zeelandt Pale Ale, which I tried in the bottle format, thought it was a bit Meh, I’m picking that the tap version might have more go in it. Particularly since the taster I had was hoppy, which the bottle version wasn’t.

So I was a bit pleased with my afternoon well spent. Have an evening of entertainment set, all I need is the BBQ to turn up so I can begin to prepare for that.


One comment on “Out and About – Mt.Eden

  1. 45spin
    September 19, 2013

    Nothing better in life than a record playing in the background while I am BBQ, you just described


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