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Beer – #161 – Brewaucracy – In Triplicate

Brewaucracy  – In Triplicate is an Abbey Tripel beer from a new brewer in the ‘Tron.  Brewaucracy Brewed at Shunters Yard Brewery in the Style of an  Abbey Tripel in the glorious Waikato town of Hamilton, New Zealand.

500ml of a  10.3%ABV beer, and at 35IBU things (bitter/stout bitter).  Oh it’s 4.1 standard drinks.  Thse website says 9.6, the bottle says 10.3, these boys are onto it with batch measurements, I do say well done to that!.

Brewaucracy - in TriplicateA Belgian-inspired beer, roughly straddling the Tripel and Belgian Golden Strong styles, if we’re being all style nerd about it. If we’re not, it’s a warming, spicy, zesty, and disturbingly drinkable beer for 9.6% abv. It’s a beer designed for celebrating the good times in life, and to toasting the eventual defeat of every wowser who would try to tell you how you may or may not enjoy those times.

Share In Triplicate with the people you love, and try it with a crisp summer salad, ideally featuring chorizo, or perhaps corn fritters or crab cakes.

Of just with some cheese and a cracker, which is all I have left.  That and the Rolling Stones on Spotify.

There doesn’t appear to be a rush of sweet aroma / alcohol with this. It’s very pale, well carbonated and again nice white fully head on the pour. Still not a sweet aroma but a touch of yeast perhaps. O hit really is pale translucent pale.

Gosh though how do they do that. There is a massive amount of caramel and sweet in the taste, I’d thought it was going to disappoint, and whilst it didn’t stun me it surprised me. The alcohol that you expect from a Tripel is there making itself known, it’s a little sour and not as sharp as I’d expected.

It has a fair length of taste in it too, and I’m comfortable that this is hitting the spot. And I’m also a bit amazed they’ve got the taste into such a pale beer. Oh and I’m glad I’m at home because this is a fairly strong beer that could become quaffable and get you into trouble .

There is thought a disappointing lack of any aroma in this, there is one, you have to work hard to get it though, it’s delicate for no reason I can figure,  and frankly I’d rather there was one. I’d like the nose of caramels and sugars before the crash of tastes onto the tongue.

It is a little sour and might not sweet enough, the alcohol note might be just right, I like that the batch ABV is measured and noted. But you know what it’s a chuffing good beer, and it made me smile.

I especially like that Brewaucracy haven’t picked an IPA, or plain old Lager to kick off with and have taken a high ground in craftiness, I especially like that the “Smoko” and this are totally different beers and not beers on a theme of…  I just like it.

The pdubuyah-o-meter loves this a lot at 9. it’s fairly decent and something I’d buy again, and that makes it ok. I’m not going to offer you money back if you don’t like it, you just will, it’s good.


4 comments on “Beer – #161 – Brewaucracy – In Triplicate

  1. Greig McGill
    May 4, 2013

    I think you might be my new favourite reviewer. 😉

    I get delicate pears and a hint of sugared cereal on the nose, as well as a little rough alcohol which I’m not 100% pleased with. Still it’s a sample I’ve been warm aging, so maybe that’s why. Not sure where your aroma went! I promise we didn’t leave it out… 😉


    • Pdubyah
      May 4, 2013

      I really liked this, and I will be getting me another bottle when I go to my dealer, or two, it was that good. The aroma thing could be down to a few things though, mostly my interpretation.


  2. Greig McGill
    May 4, 2013

    Temperature maybe?


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