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Beer – #162 – St Peters – Suffolk Gold

Change of pace again , this time to a St Peters Suffolk Gold in the style of a Premium Bitter/ESB – Brewed by St Peters (UK)  in Bungay, England

500ml bottle, 4.9%ABV,  2.45  Standard drinks. And the Bottle is a magnificent thing in itself.

St Peters - Suffolk Gold“Suffolk grown First Gold hops provide the bitterness and aroma for this well hopped premium beer. This is brewed with Suffolk malt to produce a full bodied ale with a lasting hop aroma”

And there’s me doing my best Wurzel Gummidge impression.

Because it’s a friday, and I am looking forward to this. Beer that is, not necessarily this beer.

English bitter aroma, golden brown pour, a bit cloudy, reasonable head. The aroma is light and faintly grassy hoppy, the taste is somewhat soft too, and there is a hop kick in a long tasting mouthful. Nice lacing too.

I like the hoppiness in this, they taste fairly green, but aren’t sharp or annoying, there is however not much else you can say. I’m sure there are malts but they all part of a thing and not individual players.

Pretty inoffensive and not a lot to write home about, the pdubyah-o-meter says a lazy 7 on this.   When you have a wide selection of bitters it’s not easy to be different or stand-out. This is a beer you could easily share with friends, and drink a lot of without getting all rowdy.

For a Friday it’s probably a good thing.


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