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Beer – #181 – Brew Moon – Luna-Wit

Brew Moon,  the New Zealand one,  Luna-Wit – Brewed by Brew Moon Brewing Company in the style of a  Wheat Ale from the town of Amberley, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Brew Moon - Luna-Wit

This is a 500ml of a 5% ABV beer – which is about 2 standard drinks

Luna-Wit Wheat Beer inspired by Belgian Wit or cloudy wheat beer this beer contains a large proportion of wheat malt spiced up with coriander, orange peel and a mystery spice. Warning: May improve your humour and wit!

The initial aroma seems a bit ‘sour’,  the pour a nice dark golden colour, but lacks a head, despite the intense fizzy carbonation. The Aroma then tends to sweet.

It’s not cloudy, and initially all there is by way of taste is the malt.  I wasn’t expecting a taste explosion with this, and I based that on the alcohol content. But this isn’t unpleasant.

But what it isn’t is also anything like what I thought a Wheat ale might be like and it’s not as estery as German or Belgian-style beers.  (These are generally light, fruity, floral scents).

My top up pour produced a head, yay! but it was fleeting, and it got cloudier.

This is a fairly crisp beer, with delicate tastes and an unassuming palate. It’s quaffable and enjoyable as a fine beer. Despite not having a whole range of complex layers this is pretty competent as a drink, but there is no length of taste, no bite, no hidden flavour waiting for the warmth to release it.

The pdubyah-o-meter says 7 things from it’s thing, making it “good”. As an alternate to other very commercial beers this would be a fine and more then acceptable substitute. What you’re not going to have though is a conversation about the flavour delivery of this. What you will have is a smile.

As a craft beer though, and in advance I state I might have misunderstood wheat ale , this really doesn’t showcase anything. I’m not saying that craft brewers need to be pushing an envelope, although they should be, but this is a style that might not be well known, and if this is a leading example of the style then fair play. But it’s not going to be a wildly commercial success and be the next ‘black’.

However, unlike other craft brewery places who seem to cobble together all sorts of mistakes and over-brews and then label them up as “brew master specials” or “exciting adventures”, Brew Moon seem to be sure of their footing. And for that they get a thumbs up.


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