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Beer #186 – Wigram – Harvard Honey Ale

Early evening, time for a beer that was a gift from my son after a visit to a Honey Farm, a Wigram Harvard Honey Ale. Brewed by Wigram Brewing Company in the style of a  Amber Ale Christchurch, New Zealand.

A 500ml bottle of a 6% ABV beer, making it about 1.9 standard drinks.

Wigram - Hervard Honeyt AleThis copper coloured ale has a faint honey aroma. This mild, medium body beer has a distinct honey flavour balanced well with a clean crisp hoppy finish. At the end, a slight sweetness stays on the palate.

English ale malt, a top fermenting ale yeast. Don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary ale, infused into this beer is certified organic Bush honey, giving a distinctive flavour and aroma,enjoy.

Nothing distinctive on opening. Much much darker than I expected, dark chestnut, with an off white head. The aroma settles to a sweet note.

There’s s hoppy rush and a big front note to this, and that ends up to be pretty persistent through the mouthfeel.  Whist this isn’t overly bitter in any way it isn’t honey sweet either.  It is a nice beer to drink as a drink. The pdubyah-o-meter rates this at the 7.5 lever making it good.

I was expecting more amber than chestnut in the colour, and more sweet than bitter in the taste. But is is a good drinking beer, if you like a bitter, if you were after a honey Amber Ale then you should be looking elsewhere.


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