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Sporting your life vicariously – the return

MissPdubyah gave up playing Club Hockey 18 months ago, and all Hockey at the end of her time at College. Much to the despair of MrsPhil and myself. After all she’s fairly handy and capable.

But it’s her life and like all things you have to encourage and enjoy it.

Got herself a new job too, working in a Menswear shop where she’s selling some nice suits, shirts and ties (ask me how many Ties I got for my birthday)

A Summer paper at University, and 8 months into this year, where she’s doing very well and enjoying herself, all of a sudden she get’s it into her head to go and re-join the Hockey club and start playing again.

In the Premier Reserves grade, where she’s happy and seems to have fitted straight back in.

And this made MrsPdubyah and me smile. We haven’t been invited to watch yet, this seems to be the new protocol, but we will. Probably Finals day.


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