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The Less of Me – June

A shambles. 5 exercises for 25km, that’s about 75 km less than the OCD me hopes for. Even 50 would have been good.

June a poor effort

I got to 92Kg, which was good since I appeared to be stuck at 94Kg for a while.

I also got to play 5-a-side football which makes a pleasant change from huffing and puffing on the couch. Goalkeep mind, which is an anagram of “Target”, couple of bruises, and a jammed finger. Still 3 games for 3 wins.

Looking back the  weight thing still makes me smile. From the beginning of the year then that would be a solid 10kg.

But not exercising and too much work open the door to the poor eating habits. So a couple packets of salt and vinegar crisps, and you’re then into frowning at yourself.

Fruit got expensive too, and I’ve not eaten nearly as much as I should have, or was eating.

But I am committed to a Kg a month for a year, and I will get to below 90kg.

I’ve been exercising, according to the Nike App for 9 months in a row now. I’ve got to 531km’s over 97 recordings. OCD me needs  19kg in 3 more outings to get to a round number, and a new ribbon colour in the app, it’s the little things.


2 comments on “The Less of Me – June

  1. kingmidget
    July 7, 2013

    Keep at it. I’m also struggling with exercising regularly. Tore a groin muscle two years ago and am still bothered by it. So, running was out. Bicycling is in, but it’s just more difficult to find the time and will to bicycle. Due to the lack of exercise, I’ve gained 15-20 pounds that I would sorely like to get rid of.


    • Pdubyah
      July 7, 2013

      So much easier on than off. I spent $$ on equipment and trackers so I feel obliged to use them so that MrsPdubyah doesn’t nag me about it.

      I’ve yet to face up that I need need new less baggy clothes, and that’s when the expense begins


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