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Out and About – Skysport Grill Auckland Viaduct

Skysport Grill is New Zealand’s first purpose built genuine sports grill and bar, featuring 25+ sports viewing screens and 40+ beers on tap from all over.

It has an exciting menu of New Zealand fare (based on the American sports style bar but with a New Zealand theme), and plays a continuous selection of classic rock music on a state-of-the-art sound system.

I was there last night for a short time with a couple of friends.  I could have been there for so much longer. They really do have a stunning amount of on tap beers, from around everywhere.

Madly I started off with a local beer, i of the Zombie, which was 9.5%ABV screamer. I’m going to make an honest effort to review that later, stand by. By which I mean I went and brought some and will get to it next.

I also had a Thornbridge Jaipur. This is a beer that I had the pleasure of in a bottle a long time ago, and fondly remember it as being awesome. The keg version wasn’t a welcome return of the king. It was mightily good, but was thinner than I remember.

To finish me off, in more ways than one, The Sierra Nevada Torpedo, which was a mighty fine beer too.

Somehow there was also a Ben Middlemiss Lunatic Soup enjoyed and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, as well as more exotic Lowenbrau. A concerted effort would see you enjoying one of everything as a group, if you tried.

10 pints of beer then, NZ$95 which I’d say for anyone’s money for the quality of beer was outstanding.

The Venue? Well it does have a magnificent bar to look at, and it’s chock full of TV’s of all sizes, all showing, have a guess…. Sports. Can’t vouch for the food, it didn’t even enter our heads. But given the once over I’d be confident that the burgers, hotdogs, nachos or fish and chips would be par for the course, it’s not gourmet, it’s not greasy spoon. I’m going to make a point to eat something next time.

We had a semi-outside table under a heater which put out more than enough rays to make me want to sit somewhere less intense, but it was matter of inches rather than feet.

The barman, Ben,  knew his thing, the wait staff were attentive, amusing and ready for a quick chat. All the things you need in bar.

Possibly then a good reason to move to the Viaduct and make this a local. Tempered only by the fact that in a previous incarnation that the venue happened to be an Indian restaurant, so I might make it an event pub, and enjoy it on occasion. There is local parking, but unless you have an iron will and want just one beer then get the bus, get a sober driver, or walk. Mad if you don’t.


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