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Beer – #208 – Pink Elephant – Mammoth

Right then – Pink Elephant Mammoth- a Strong Ale – be warned.

Brewed by Pink Elephant – and they aim for a Brown Ale and they do that in their secret lair in Blenheim, Malborough, New Zealand

Mammoth - Stong AleThe original famous brew produced at the incarnation of the Pink Elephant Brewery and acclaimed by Michael Jackson. A dark amber colour with good mouth weight and complex flavours from crystal and dark malts.

Not trick photography, it’s a small bottle

What? Michael Jackson? Hopefully not “the”

Anyway. Giving over your whole taste to malts might not end well.

This has been in the fridge for a while, near the back, getting further back, and so be damned here we go.

A 330ml bottle of a 7% ABV beer, 1.75 Standard drink units. Nothing of aroma, but it pours a dark rich brown with a really nice foam head that lasts and stays.

Taste then,  initially tart, but then not so much, possibly a little too fruity, almost like it was juvenile fruits and not ripe ones all clamouring and badgering . I’m not sure that this is a finished product, it’s generally a little sour and unsettled, there isn’t a counterpoint.

A Brown Ale is, however, a bit adventurous, and for that hat tip. Andy Capp always used ti drink Brown Ale, and I always think of Newcastle Brown, but times may have changed a bit.

Am I a fan, I don’t think I am. I am wary that you bottle in 330ml and nothing else. It’s not adventurous, and might be that you’re doing things backs-asswards .

For me a beer that, whilst the aroma carries some raisin,  has all the flavour delivered by way of the caramels added, and that’s not really the thing, added that there seems to be an over-riding sour top note that rings more warnings than warmings. The pdubyah-o-meter, for it’s worth says 6 – making this on the wrong side of average.

I might be, and probably am wrong. as always.


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