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Beer – #209 – Harrington’s – Brewers’ Selection IAPA

Ok a few apostrophes in this, the Harrington’s Brewers’ Selection IAPA. Brewed by Harringtons Breweries (Christchurch) in the style of a American Pale Ale and they are of course based in shaky Christchurch, New Zealand

The Harrington's Brewers' Selection IAPA500ml of a 9.5% ABV beer, which is give-or-take 3.75 standard unit drinks.

Imperial American Ale Style. unpasteurized Bottle Fermented. Should balance up against any spicy food type. Or in my case, a small packet of Pringles.  Described as a “Newish style”, Golden, possibly cloudy, sweet to the nose, aroma of bread and malt.  So a bit to work with.

Just for the bottle packaging alone is why I wanted to try this. All blue and little font in the apothecary style which I though was a bit appealing If I was being honest. Which I am, mostly, if not always to myself.  Mostly though I’ve avoided the Harrington label because of averageness.

On opening – sweet and inviting. Its darker than I would have thought, more golden syrup golden. Not a lot by way of head to speak of, but it settles to a film. There is a bread / yeast note in this that is more apparent as it warms a bit.

There is a lot of malt sweetness and a mad fruit aroma, it’s very sweet, and a bit underdone and tart on the edges. There is an over-riding aroma, strong malt, like a Belgium Abby or Tripel beer might have. It does not sit like an IAPA., and I could easily confuse the two. Which means either I know nothing about beer styles and tastes, probable, or  this isn’t a good delivery of an iAPA.

If you’d said to me Belgium beer style I’d have been a bit excited. Waxing lyrical about how clever it was. Sadly for me this is the Brewers’ best shot. Brewer should possibly be shot.

The pdubyah-o-meter, rating this as an IAPA, comes up with a whopping 5 average and disappointing. Too malty, no other taste layer, nothing on the front, nothing on the back. Re-pack this as a tribute to Belgium beers and I’d think it was the shiz.

A big thing, on reflection is that this a strong beer at 9.5% ABV, and that just reinforces my bias towards it being mislabelled as there is nothing in this that suggests headache if you have, or could stomach 2 or 3.

Resulting in me having a lot of self doubt and angst, about how I’m drinking and understanding a beer.

To recap though… Want a Fine Belgium Style tribute ale – Top heavy caramel\malt beer with a seeming alcohol edge, ace, As an IAPA, sadface


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