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Beer – #217 – Garage Project – Sauvin Nouveau

Another beer from the dwindling back of fridge stocks, the Garage Project Sauvin Nouveau, baing saved for no reason. Brewed by Garage Project in the style of a Pilsener and they’re in Wellington, New Zealand, and on the bucket list of things less than a day away 🙂

Garage Project - Saivin NouveauFresh sauvignon blanc juice fermented with pilsner wort brewed an extravagant late addition of Nelson Sauvin hops. Vin Nouveau meet Sauvin Nouveau in a vintage harvest pilsner of crisp and intense aromatic fruit complexity, where the flavours of beer and wine intertwine so closely it’s almost indecent. Surely it can’t be wrong if it feels this right? This beer was made possible by the generous assistance of the award winning Palliser Estate Wines of Martinborough.


This is a 650ml of a 7.6% beer, or 3.9 standard drinks to me and you.

It could be  a  beer-wine or a wine-beer, but it seems like it could be awesome.

An interesting aroma on opening, like gooseberry ? Really pale pour,  good head too (that’s 2 in a row), the intriguing aroma intrigues me.

For a not bitter beer this certainly has a bang of hops in it, no mistaking the grassy notes, but they’re a little magical in the delivery, this is altogether a bit clever. It carries a long soft bitter note but has a wonderfully moorish over-riding sweetness.

It’s just a bit good.  You might think you’ve had a good Pilsner type beer, this however is a head, shoulders and a step-ladder better in many many ways.  The Garage Project boys seems to nail their brief with alarming regularity, making it all a bit unfair on the competition.

It is possible to have too many favourite beers, but I’d put this on my list as one of them, very clever, no way you’d think that it was 7.6% ABV, and no way you’d leave the glass half full.  It’s soft to drink and yet has a taste profile you can chase and enjoy if you’re in the mood. I had the thought that this would be with me, in the sun, at the beach house, pre-BBQ and stress level zero. And it’s not often a beer takes you on that journey.

I would so buy this for you as a gift, the pdubyah-o-meter says 10. Outstanding.


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