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Beer – #216 – Liberty – Sauvignon Bomb

The Liberty Sauvignon Bomb has been in the fridge for a few weeks, and tonight is it’s big night out. Brewed by Liberty Brewing Co in the style of an  India Pale Ale (IPA) , and they brew a kilometres away in Kumeu Auckland, New Zealand. To be accurate the Hallertau Brewery 🙂

This has 7% ABV, and 70 IBU, which is an indicator of bitterness in this,  IPA usually being 60-80. It’s delivered in a  500ml Bottle, and that makes it about 2.8 standard drink units.

“There is no doubt that this label contains imagery some people will possibly find objectionable. Those people might allude to the fact that it may be somewhat suggestive. To Liberty- Sauvignon Bombthose people, I make no apologies: and I’ll tell you why. The only scantily clad woman in this bottle is the delicately sweet malt aroma, riding that savage Hop Bomb all the way through the long, stormy night sky until it hits your tongue… where you can expect the flavour to explode onto your palate.

Enjoy the taste of Nelson Sauvin responsibly, at refrigeration temperature with your friends or family.”

Or on your own as in my case.

Nelson Sauvin hops should deliver a  softer edge to this, we’ll see.

Bitter hoppy nose on opening. Pours a lovely pale golden, with a reasonable and lasting head (yay),  retains the lovely bitter aroma.

Very grassy to taste. There isn’t much to note outside that, there is no apparent malt or sweet in this. But the grassy gives away to a really nice layer of fruit softness as a counterpoint. It’s very good.

Almost too delicate to be honest, but then it’s not supposed to be a kick-ass hop bomb.

I think that this is another of those beers that you get to appreciate and wouldn’t be shy to buy again, it’s easy drinking and sits in the “Session” beers category quite easily, the 7% alcohol aside, which would make it a short session.

The pdubyah-o-meter for it’s worth says that this is an 8 –  making it in the arbitrary manner a very good  beer.  Worst thing about it, I only have the one.


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