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Wet Hopped ESB

I enjoy the learning I get from things I read abou beer.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Dangerous Man, and certain denizens of Minneapolis, are happy to present the Community Wet-Hopped ESB!

This beer has a couple of a different angles to come at, so let’s take a look shall we?

Wet hopping is a practice derived from seasonal hop growth with roots in Germany and North America. Wet hops, slightly different than fresh hops, are added to the kettle, sometimes just hours after being pulled from the vine, undried. Hops are known to start decaying almost immediately after being picked as they are a very thin, and delicate seed. Adding wet hops, and fresh hops (hops being slightly dried but still pulled within that season), to the kettle adds a softer hop character to the beer. The flavors and oils are still present, just presented differently with the medium. Within the United States, Sierra Nevada’s Harvest Ale is considered the first wet hopped beer in the…

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