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Beer – #227 – Einstök – Icelandic Toasted Porter

Well if you’re going to make a beer in Iceland why not a Toasted Porter. This is the third of three I have, of the four they make. I’ll settle with 75% of their output.

Einstök Ölgerð Brewed at Viking Ölgerd, this on in the Style of a  Porter and in the somewhat romantically named Akureyri, Iceland

Einstök Icelandic Toasted PorterWith clear notes of espresso, dark chocolate and a hint of authentic Icelandic coffee, this Porter is dark and rich, offering a medium body that is robust, yet smooth on the palate and easy to drink. There’s no need to be afraid of the dark anymore.

Same 330ml bottle, 6%ABV or 1.6 standard drinks.

Of the three I saved this to last, and hopefully it’ll end on a high-note.

Ah yes, the dark chocolate aroma on opening portends well. thick and dark pour with loads of carbonation delivering a small mocha brown head with persistence. Fantastic chocolate coffee aroma in abundance. FTW!

Rich smokey taste, slightly bitter and a really long finish, missing the bit in the middle perhaps, but a nice profile of taste in this. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Head has disappeared (I might have drunk it) and there is no lacing in the glass. Neither of these matter as this is a glass of pleasure and joy,

The pdubyah-o-meter got all enthusiastic and leap with joy to an 8 – this is very good, and I’m glad I had this last, and not as a lead in to the others. I’d like it either to be sweeter or possibly more aggressive with the bitterness just a touch, but it’s awfully good as it is.


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