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Beer Review 0510: AleSmith Speedway Stout Imperial Stout

It’s not often I drink beer at the same time as a real reviewer. This though would be a time. It’s a good review of a very good beer.

All The Same Beer


AleSmith Brewing Company is located in San Diego, California, and was founded by Peter Zien in 1995. AleSmith has deep roots in the homebrewing community; Mr. Zien was a home homebrewer himself who dreamed of wanting to own a brewery. Well, that dream came true; Zien is also San Diego County’s only BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) “Grand Master” beer judge. BJCP sanctions homebrewing competitions.

To continue the homebrew theme, the other major half of AleSmith, Tod Fitzsimmons, was a former president of the homebrew club QUAFF. He joined the company as a brewer in 1996.

The beer we are looking at today, Speedway Stout, is widely regarded as one of the best Imperial Stouts currently on the market. A year-round brew, Speedway Stout is a 12% ABV (alcohol by volume) beer that has coffee beans added. The beans are from nearby Ryan Bros. Coffee, Inc., and are locally-roasted. This…

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