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Beer – #240 – St Peters – Christmas Ale

Hot Cross buns will be appearing in the stores soon, so what better reason than that to have a St Peters Christmas Ale. Fa la la la la la la la la. Brewed by St Peters (UK)
in the Style of an  English Strong Ale Bungay, England. Possibly they stared around Easter, who knows how this brewing thing works.

500ml bottle, that looks like a medicine bottle or something a pirate would have in hand, 7% ABV in a 500 ml delivery,  in the UK 3.1 drinks in NZ that would be 2.76 and 1.97 in the US of A . Fa la la la la la la la la.

St Peters - Christmas AleA smooth, fruity, full-bodied ale, the perfect companion for Christmas savouries, sweets and snacks. 

yes Sweets, and Snacks. Don’t let me go there. Well I did once here  orange slices, wrapped satsumas…..

Aroma is wet bready yeast. Pour a woody brown with a reasonable head, and surprisingly a fruity note ensues. Despite me dipping my whole nose into it, thought I would share that.

Head of course disappears. Like my hopes and dreams. Dreams mostly of the last beer I had 😦 .

Focus. This then has the aroma of being  beer that has a “fruits” carry, at leaf on the aroma, despite the bread yeast thing that went on, which I think is an English beer thing, said Sherlock.

Surprisingly then this really is a bit of the real deal. Fairly solid and genuinely a bit full of body and palate. There is not a lot wrong with this. It has a full fruity body, but lacks a little of the sweetness that should carry it more finishing al title sour, but it has a full mouthfeel.

The Pdubyah-o-meter thinks on reflection that this is a goodly 8. But I might have afterglow from the last beer I had,

If you had this following that you shouldn’t be unhappy, this is a bit short in a couple of things, but it isn’t a beer you should dismiss as a gimmick.

I can see how you could sit in a pub and have a fair few of these, shoot the breeze, cheat at dominos and lie at cards, miscount at Darts and generally tell stories that really about the old you are the better you were. I’d be happy to settle into a few of these, because again there is no peaking bitter, no cloying sweetness, the aroma isn’t so bad, and it’s a beer that’ll catch up with you in end.

Merry Holiday Season, which in NZ means shorts, swimming on the 25th, sunburn, Barbecue, late evening sun, mosquitoes, and of course all the Northern Hemisphere things about snow, fat blokes need suits, trees inside, nuts, tinsel, and at least one early morning and two obligatory lay in bed days.


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