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I was had

I’ve been hectoring MrsPdubyah to trade-in her car for something newer, smaller, more economical. It’s a long sales cycle.

There are a number of discrete stages.

  • Suggestion.
  • Pause for a few days, or more.
  • Suggestion.
  • Pause for a few days, or more.
  • Look and point at cars.
  • Pause for a few days, or more.
  • Suggest again trading the old car for a new one
  • Pause for a few days, or more.
  • Whilst out doing things stop at a car yard and mooch about pointing at a cars.
  • Ignore sales person
  • Pause for a few days, or more.

Today however was a bit of  a breakthrough, there was agreement to at least go to look at a specific car model at a specific yard. Which we did.

It was then the wool was pulled over my eyes when MrsPdubyah says “Lets to to the car yard in Albany, then we can at least say that we’ve looked there and can cross it off” Since it was on the way home, or not to far out of the way of course I agreed. More in shock.

Oh yes, of course the specific car was available on the lot, and we went for a drive. “Oh I knew this was here, I looked it up the internet”

This isn’t the first time that this has happened although in the past MrsPdubyah might have taken a test drive already. Seems not this time,

Then I get more questions about engine sizes of different versions of the model, and there again I was had when I was schooled in a number of features. Oh and further to that there are other car yards where similar models can be found, if I could see my way clear to chauffeur to and fro. Way to spend a Sunday.

So now it all depends on the trade-in value of the old jalopy as to whether we go any further.


One comment on “I was had

  1. kingmidget
    November 16, 2013

    I think you should just accept you’ll be going further in some convoluted way that is hidden to you.


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