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The World Tour of Taupo – The Romantic Getaway

Surprisingly I’ve been married 25 years. To celebrate this milestone MrsPdubyah and me took off for a couple of days holiday.

We chose Taupo. More correctly I was told we were going to Taupo. Two nights.

I took some photo’s. Admittedly on the iPhone.  I think the one that is most representative of Taupo is the one of Huka Falls.  Not sure the view from out room without the beer is much to look at.

Oh and the frozen margarita, strawberry, was mine. Sometimes you don’t need a beer.

2013-11-05 14.37.28 2013-11-05 15.57.31 2013-11-05 16.10.37 2013-11-06 10.44.41 2013-11-06 17.49.16 2013-11-06 17.57.17 2013-11-06 19.15.32 2013-11-06 19.33.49 2013-11-06 19.46.38 2013-11-06 19.46.48 2013-11-06 19.57.09


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