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4am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

4am is a weird time, and I’ve already covered a few things that keep me occupied at that time of the morning , or this. Things like why flying is nonsense, why invisibility would be chilly, walking through walls not floors and the improbability of time-travel.

But now lying awake I’m thinking about Mind Reading,  Mind Control and what I’ve been thinking of as Trans-Location or Teleporting. Sort of things that you’d think were Holy Grail.

Mind Reading:  Actual mind-reading, not the interpreting the body language and picking up visual clues.  Listening in to people’s thoughts. I’m not a scientist but I’m not actually sure that there are voices in my head that you could listen into like a radio, and the mind is processing a lot of information all the time.

Mind Control: Being able to influence people by “talking” in their head. Nice idea the thought of suggestion. I don’t know if you’d have to have contact with their head though, like a Klingon mind-meld or something or you could just stand behind them and whisper, brain-to-brain like not actual words.

Trans-Location or Teleporting: Being able to re-locate your whole self into a different or new location. Couple of issues though.

  • If you were standing you would arrive standing, if you were sitting you’d arrive sitting, or whatever posture, pose or contortion you had at point A you would arrive at point B the same.
  • If you teleported into a solid object, like a concrete wall, that’d be a problem, mostly of instant death, because you’re transient state of moving from A to B would be finished.

So would need heaps of research if you wanted to use this ‘power’ to do anything without injuring, or even killing yourself.  You’d have to extend this to being able to scan or verify the landing place before your re-emerged, then making it a non-instantaneous transaction where you would find yourself outside of the everything.  useful for things like getting from one side of a door or from one room into the next room perhaps (furniture and other objects in your landing space aside).

But it was 4am and the clock went tick-tick-tick


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  4. Sudarut
    June 9, 2014

    Time as we know it(seconds, minutes, hours, days) does not exist plihycasly. Our concept of time is based on our observation of a change in state of things. Imagine a series of snapshots of the state of things. Time is the separation from one snapshot to the next. Since we cannot observe everything we have to improvise by taking one series of snapshots and use it as a measuring stick for all other changes. For example the distance between snapshots of two sunrises in succession is one day and fractions of that distance we measure as hours etc. By doing this we now have time which we can attribute to similar change in states. Not all change in states have the same time separation. It can happen that given X to Y and A to B, 100 snapshots of X to Y are equal to one set of A to B.Going back to the conundrum it may take more time for some things to happen and Nothing happens only if you confine it to a smaller snapshot. Time seems to stop only in small chunks becasue something is happenning somewhere. Now if we consider a snapshot of EVERYTHING and we put the same snapshot after itself then the separation between the two would not be time. It would have to be something else.


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