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It keeps me awake at night

Super-powers. Of course it does.

I did a post about what super-power you’d pick if you could. Anyway I’ve been thinking and I’m not proud of it. But here goes.

Flying. Nonsense. Firstly to start flying you’d need to jump in the air or jump off something. At this point then you are flying as high as you can fly.Pretty much knee level. You see if you could control gravity then you’d have to be wearing the most heaviest of shoes so that every time you made a little skippy jump that you didn’t launch in the air. Bit of a giveaway that. Superman wears loafers. And you could’t accelerate or slow down either. So you’d be flying at knee level at walking pace unless you took a bit of a run up.

Invisibility. Nonsense. I’m going to be a party pooper here and say that if you could become invisible that it wouldn’t include your clothes. It couldn’t. So you’d be wandering  around naked which is a bit of downer since you’d have to hide clothes everywhere just in case.

Mind Reading. Nonsense. Can you imagine a twitter feed going on in your head? ’nuff said. Controlling objects with your mind, what if you got distracted.

Walking through walls. Right so this is a bit difficult since at the point where you can walk though a solid object you’d effectively fall thorough the earth.

Time Travel. This is the one that needs a whole post to itself. But everything everywhere is in motion, the planet is rotating, its orbiting the sun, which is orbiting the galaxy, etc etc. In the unlikely event that you could travel in time you’d have to unwrap everything everywhere. Or what would happen is say that you wanted to go back a day, that the planet earth is no longer there, it’s 24 hours further along the orbit, you’d been into space, which would be a bit lonely.



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