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The Spin Bike, the Garage and the Knee

Spent a couple of hours rearranging the garage. This so ‘we’ could install the newly purchased  Spin Bike into a place we can use it.

The garage door has developed an asthmatic wheeze, so I spent an hour on door remedy. That may not have worked. I used a lot of the WD-40, CRC556, and the special garage door lube. It’s less asthmatic and creaky on the hinges, I could be forced to google a way to fix this.

I bet it involves Olive Oil.

Broke one of my re-fill bottles, the 750ml junior which I don’t think I paid for anyway, disappointing though.

Did find some drinking glasses that I had stowed away for a later date. Couple of 250ml lager glasses, and a taller thinner Pint Glass rom the Bath Ales company who make a fine beer that I’ve been neglecting.  Beer I was drinking before I started to keep a list, and from the nice people at The Wine Circle in Kumeu, who I’ve also been neglecting.

Also found a heap of old soccer programs from when I used to go watch the mighty Eagles of Crystal Palace play,  and some newspaper cutting and stuff.  A whole set of posts in itself.

Threw out next to nothing. That could come back and haunt me.

Also reminded that I have an Ice-Cream machine, and a Tortilla press that I need to use again, but after I use the pasta machine, which was hidden behind the Paella pan, propped up by the the pestle and mortar.  I swear the cupboard is like the Tardis.

Also…. reminded but the 7 used field Hockey sticks about (i) how much we invested in Hockey sticks, and (ii) just how good MissPdubyah was at Hockey.

Also, I may have shoe problem, all the shoes on the stack-rack are mine.  3 Pairs running shoes – current, 2 pairs not used for running but I still wear, couple pairs of casual shoes, couple other pairs of casual shoes, and so it goes on. A lot of shoes.

Also, why do we have 3 stereos in the Garage. One of them has a mini-disc player! I should get that out and see how I can plug that back in again to the amp.

Moved things back to the garden shed that belong there, including a scarifying machine for the lawn that I brought, custom built by the last owner, what was I thinking?, and a weedeater, and a thing on a stick that I can’t remember what it does, an edging tool thing.

Also, a bag of quick-dri concrete, and a bag of lawn feed.

Oh and a waterblaster.

Found the christmas tree and some ‘lost’ decorations, might be the last year for that. Should have been last year to be honest.

Found the outside  beanbag, that has gone  back on the patio near the BBQ, for which I found the rotisserie device 🙂

But in all this I’ve managed to twist, wrench, or jar my knee, again, because this has been a long term thing since the 5-a-side football season, lateral pain on a sideways movement.

For which I found the only cure might be a beer 🙂


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