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Hop Essence Series: Motueka (Brewmaster Jack)

Who knew it was a town and a kiwi inveted hop variety.

Beer in my Belly

Style: Double IPA / Hoppy Maibock-style Ale

8.3% ABV

100 IBU’s

From: Holyoke, MA

Bottled On: 12/10/13


Brewer’s Note: “The Brewmaster Jack Hop Essence Series is our take on a single hop series. Rather than keeping the same malt bill and just roating the different hops, each beer in the Hop Essence Series is crafted to complement the specific hop variety used. That means different malt, different yeast, and even some special herbs and spices. Everything about the beer is built around the hops. This beer is best consumed fresh son don’t wait for your friends. Enjoy it now.”


The beer’s label is simple, and almost barren, but the brewery font is funky and crisp. I wish the beer name font was a little more eye catching, and the text at the bottom just seems to be floating on nothing. The background is funky and swooping, leaving abstract images for…

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