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Beach Life – Summer 2013 – #2

The one where we’re not actually at he beach yet……

This is the one about the bit before the bit about christmas day, and the preparation and planning.

Today, Saturday 21st.

  • Brought a dozen bottles of wine, some of this some of that.
  • Brought two dozen beers for the quaffing of not the writing about
  • Brought a bottle of Pear Vodka, it’s the latest thing
  • Brought 2 Litres of Orange Juice – don’t judge me
  • Brought some Salmon for the pre-lunch snackage


  • Brought a bottle of single-mart whisky for the Father-in-law
  • Paid for a paid of sunglasses for MrsPdubyah

Discussion about the christmas day lunch, which this year is at home and not at the beach.  Ok so the heading for this post is confusing.

We’re having, if everything goes to a plan and it doesn’t rain so much

  • Salmon on bread of something or other
  • Some miniature Quiche affairs
  • for the main event
  • a glazed ham.
  • a whole eye fillet  steak thing for the barbecue

There will also be

  • Potato Salad
  • New potatoes just dug from the ground
  • Some salad concoction

Finishing with

  • Trifle
  • cheesecake
  • Fruit and Cream

MrsPdubyah is a bit tense about the whole thing. I know we did this a couple of years ago but normally we are the beach house and lunch tends to be a communal gathering where we enjoy things like Scallops in bacon, Salmon , smoked fish, Mussels, with an abundance of bubbles, beer,  and most of the beach residents in attendance.

I know I’m lucky to have a beach house, but being at home, in my own home, isn’t the same, I’ve become accustomed to not being here for that particular day.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Three will be pictures, at least from the early part of the day.  My tasks only include making a cocktail or two, cooking the barbecue and organising the music to play.



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