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Restaurant Critic #4 – Flavours of India – Browns Bay

Well what an eye opener this was when we first came here. We’d been used to having Indian food take-away and Dine-in from Chand in Mairangi Bay , where the service was always prompt, the price was always cheap and the food was passable.

Then we, on whim, went to Flavours of India in Browns Bay .

It’s not swanky, flash, or opulent and in no way is it a fine dining experience. It’s small, stark and functional modern. It’s more cafe than restaurant. They claim to be able to seat 50. That’d be a busy night.

Then there is the food.

The kitchen is in eye and ear shot of everyone, with the obligatory glass window over the Tandoor oven so that you can see chef in action.

And what he produces is top quality.  It’s not an extensive menu by comparison with other establishments, the standard items are there, and a couple of specials and unique dishes.

To be fair they don’t need to have an extensive menu as the quality and taste you get from your choice should make it your favourite.

5 of us. We had a vegetarian and a meat version of the entrée platter.

There was the obligatory butter chicken. and the Saag Goshst (Lamb in Spinach), and a Shajahani chicken (Chicken in Cashew, saffron and coriander) and two of the special items,  a Lamb Stir fry, and a real Goat Curry, which was an off-menu item.

The Lamb and the Goat were amazing, succulent, juicy, tender, but somewhat spicy.

Oh and Garlic and Plain Naan.

It was too much, way too much food, and a doggy bag accompanies us home.

This isn’t a chain or franchise menu, it’s a small operation, and they’re happy if you’re a first time or return customer, and they remind you that word of mouth is their best advertising. 

I’d suggest – Get in!



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