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Beach Life – Summer 2013 – #4

Still not quite at the beach, but ’tis the day before christmas.

8:45 MrsPdubyah sends me a text, she has to work today, at the local mall. Text reads “Car park full, Supermarket full” It’ll be a long day.

Daughter has spend the last 1/2 hour squeezing and rattling the presents under the tree playing a guessing game. I wouldn’t mind but she is 18.

Anyhoo FIL was out of the house at 7:58am to go to the local hardware store, to buy some urgent things.

and MIL is now setting about making a trifle. Something which I personally can’t abide.

I was up at 7 doing my 5km exercise, it’s called getting into calorie deficit early, there were quite a few others doing the same thing, but I doubt it’ll catch on.

MIL also has a fanciful idea that she’s going to ‘pop’ to the shops and get some cream.  Good luck with that.

For this evening though we’re planning to take them out to Browns Bay, and have a dinner, which is easier than thinking about what to cook, and since tomorrow is going to be all-you-can-eat day it’s possibly wiser.

Still to come:

  • The Glazing of the ham
  • The baking of the bread



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