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Beer – #267 – Liberty – C!tra Jnr

For the first evening at the beach then a Liberty C!tra Jnr – Brewed by Liberty Brewing Co and styled as an American Pale Ale and they brew that in Auckland, New Zealand.

Liberty - C!tra JnrThis is only a 4.5% ABV beer, and I have a 1 litre growler bottle c/-Liquorland in Newmarket.  This then would be 3.55 standard drink units, and at only 135 calories – although that is unspecific as to the amount that is equal to. I need to sharpen up on that.

It’s a limited brew, apparently, and similar in many ways to it’s big brother. Lower ABV means of course less sizzled when it comes time to cook the meats on the barbecue tonight.

This is as full an intense with aroma as you’d expect, and pours a fantastic golden orange with a great head. Did I mention a great head, it gets better the second pour, I’d buy this again to improve my self-esteem in beer pouring.

Being a beach house the available glassware is a tumbler, but it’ll do.

Oh that’s nice, a cracking amount of the Hoppiness and a lovely caramel.

But, and for me, this needs a little more in the body as it’s a little skinny, or thin. There isn’t a lot of carry or length in this, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing.

The pdubyah-o-meter says though that this is a good beer, and 7 is where it sits.

Compare this, at this ABV though to many, or any, other beer and this would win the gold medal every time. I don’t think it’s worth more than a 7, because it isn’t a big hitter, and needs some more body, and if it had that it would be a total win.


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